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 Topic: Official Signature of the Week Rules  (Read 10394 times)
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01-13-09 05:13 PM
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Official Rules of the Signature of the Week Contest

  • Signature must not exceed in 400x120 pixels, width and height respectively.
  • File format should ONLY be in GIF, JPG, PNG, BMP format.
  • must be visible. Also add your username
  • File must not be larger than 100kb in size.
  • Stick with the theme provided.
  • Signature should be used for the whole week until the announcement of the result of the votation determining the winner.
  • Entries are cannot be edited once it is submitted. If you forgot to add credits or information, PM me and I will be the one to add.
  • Entries must be uploaded to any image hosting site, not with PinoyDen Server.
  • Winners from last SOTW contest are not allowed to join in the next two consecutive contests to give chance to other members.
  • The winning entry will be based on a public votation which will be held after the closing.

Any violation of these rules will result to disqualification of entry.
Disqualified entries will be posted at the closing of submission thread.

Rules may change WITHOUT notice.

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