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 Topic: CASINO SPAM  (Read 1789 times)
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09-24-18 04:56 AM
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Pakiusap sa lahat wag nyo ng ireply kung may makita kayong ganitong mga post yung iba minumura pa mga bot ata yang mga paki hit report na

lang kapag nirereply nyo kase mas mahirap magdelete ng thread kelangang ko pang puntahan isa isa yung thread.  Kapag walang reply yung

thread yung mas mabilis kong madelete sa show post nila kaya pakiusap para di matabunan yung mga useful thread sa UBT paki hit report at

wag nyo ng ireply yung mga thread nila.  I repeat wag nyo ng ireply lalo na kung mag mumura lang kayo baka pati kayo eh ma infract

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spammers who are always here ready to spam
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